chez renee homemade food ready for pick up is a showcase of remodel and addition
projects by Mark Weirich Architect, Inc.

Mark works with home owners and builders to revive existing structures into exciting, progressive new spaces that perfectly fit their new uses. The MWA studio and its associates have the ability to not only increase the beauty and function of your building, but can design and implement new Green Build technologies in the process. View project gallery.

Some advantages to sustainable remodeling are: increase the efficiency of your windows and doors; increase the efficiency of the walls, floor and roof; improve upon passive heating and cooling designs and improve the efficiency of the HVAC system. MWA has resources to evaluate the ROI (Return On Investment) of making these improvements.

Mark will work with owners and builders of all projects large and small, commercial or residential. MWA is always willing to meet interested parties for consulting on the feasibility of a project and a free estimate on design fees and construction document costs. Mark looks forward to working with you.